Jamie Foxx's Daughter Is All Grown Up And She Is A True Beauty. But Why Was Her Mom’s Identity Hidden?

Date April 11, 2019

The popular American actor and singer Jamie Foxx has two beautiful daughters from different women.

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Jamie Foxx tries to do everything to be a perfect father for Corinne, born in 1994, and Annalise, born in 2009.

Jamie Foxx’s stunning daughter

Jamie’s eldest daughter, Corinne, is all grown up and is a pure beauty. She decided to follow in her famous father’s footsteps and is rather successful in the modeling and acting sphere.

Moreover, she was named Miss Golden Globe 2016, and there is no surprise as she grew up to be indeed gorgeous.


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Besides being a beauty queen, she is also very smart, and graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Public Relations.

Corinne’s mom

By the way, the identity of Corinne's mother was hidden for many years. Her mom turned out to be Connie Kline, a military veteran. Her relations with Jamie Foxx are rather unusual, as reported by a source close to Connie.

He looks after her well. They get on together and they have an agreement. It is a mutual thing, and they get on well.

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Jamie Foxx always tried to keep Corinne mother’s identity secret, and claims he was not meant for marriage.

I need somebody who's not thirsty for what I do. Whoever you date, don't let anybody know.

And added:

I don't know if I'm built for marriage...It's tough. I feel like I've been put on this Earth for a certain thing and maybe marriage didn't come with it.