Meryl Streep's Only Son Henry Is All Grown Up And Is A Carbon Copy Of His Mom

Date May 17, 2019

The popular American actress, Meryl Streep, often referred to as the “best actress of her generation,” is also a loving mother of four children: Henry Wolfe Gummer, Mamie Gummer, Grace Gummer, and Louisa Gummer.

Meryl Streep's Only Son Henry Is All Grown Up And Is A Carbon Copy Of His MomGetty Images / Ideal Image

By the way, some kids decided to follow in their famous mother’s footsteps. As we know, her two middle daughters, Mamie and Grace, are actresses, while the younger daughter, Louisa, connected her life with the sphere of modeling.

Meryl Streep’s son Henry

Meryl’s the only son, Henry, is already a popular musician. The 39-year-old American songwriter and singer started his career when he became the co-founder of the New York indie pop band Bravo Silva. After some time, Henry started to perform as a solo act.


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For me, music was more stimulating from day to day. It was something that I didn't need to be working on a project to practice. I can do it whenever and I get satisfaction from completing songs that I never really got from acting.

Nevertheless, he previously tried to connect his life with acting and even studied it at NYU for a couple of years. Moreover, he even appeared in some movies, including Lying, The Good Shepherd, Wolfe with an E, and others.


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Meryl Streep is so lucky to have such talented children. By the way, she is happily married to Don Gummer for 41 years, and after so many years, they are still in love with each other.

Besides being the iconic actress, Meryl Streep is also a loving mother of four children, and they are all so grown up and beautiful!