Paula Deen Was Married To Her First Husband For 24 Years, But Now Refuses To Even Mention Him

Date March 20, 2019 15:22

Since 2014 Paula Deen, the popular American TV personality and cooking show host, is happily married to her second husband, a tugboat captain in the Port of Savannah, Michael Groover.

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Now. they seem to be a perfect match for each other. Nevertheless, it took many years for both to find true happiness and love.

Paula Deen’s first husband

Paula was married to Jimmy Deen for around 24 years, from 1965 till 1989. How come she never talks about him? Fortunately, there is some information about him that we are ready to share.

Paula and Jimmy got married right out of school, when both were very young, just 18 years old. Their parents though it would be a great idea if they got married, and supported their children’s decision to start a family and make their relations official.

But unfortunately, after some time, it turned out that Jimmy had a drinking problem and after the birth of two sons it was hard for Paula to deal with it.

Paula’s sons

Now, Paula Deen’s sons are grown up now and follow mother's footsteps in the culinary career. Jamie and his brother Bobby have been featured on several Food Network shows, and are rather successful entrepreneurs.

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Paula Deen was married to Jimmy Deen for around 24 years, but unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work out. Nevertheless, now, she is truly happy with her second husband, Michael Groover.

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