Madonna's Daughter Goes Natural With Hairy Armpits And Legs. Is This A New Trend?


November 22, 2018 16:18 By Fabiosa

A lot of women are used to shaving, waxing, and undergoing laser treatment to make certain parts of their bodies — usually their underarms and legs — smooth. They think that by doing such procedures, they start looking beautiful.

Nevertheless, some celebrities choose not to do it and even go on the red carpet showing their hairy body parts. That’s exactly what Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter, did.


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She shocked the public by appearing at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund with hairy armpits and legs. Lourdes Leon was wearing a skimpy white dress and massive earrings.

Is this a new fashion, or did Lourdes Leon just decide to make a little experiment? Nobody knows the answer, but it is obvious that 22-year-old Lourdes managed to shock and surprise everybody.


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Twitter users immediately reacted to such an unusual outfit, writing that it takes just several minutes to remove the hair, and Lourdes could definitely find time for such an easy procedure. At the same time, other people write that they don’t care at all.

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By the way, she is not the only one who appeared in public with hairy armpits and legs. Will Smith's daughter stuck with underarm hair for some time, as well.


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Even though it looks rather unusual, every person has the right to decide whether to perform such procedures or not. What is your opinion?

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