Makeup That Looks Like Plastic Surgery: A 17-Year-Old Girl Gets A Life-Changing Makeover

Date December 18, 2018 14:48

Some people feel estranged and lack confidence because they simply can’t accept the way they look. Sometimes, the reason is more psychological, but in other cases, it can be the result of a difficult experience that a person had to go through.

Goar Avetisyan is a famous 25-year-old makeup artist from Armenia, who helps people to change their lives and feel beautiful and needed.


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She is performing dramatic makeovers, giving people a chance for a better future and teaching them not to give up. Goar has become really popular on Instagram, inspiring others to change.


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This time, Goar Avetisyan gave a young 17-year-old girl a new look and hope for a happier life. The young girl, Naza, came to the makeup artist with her sister, and Goar felt she needed to do everything she could to help the poor girl out.

Naza was previously misdiagnosed with the wrong disease and treated incorrectly, which resulted in huge scars on her face.


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When Goar finished her work and Naza could look at the mirror, she couldn’t stop crying after seeing a completely different person: A confident and gorgeous young woman who can achieve anything!


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Goar also helps women to look and feel younger, and her before-and-after photos are truly breathtaking!


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By applying makeup professionally, Goar Avetisyan literally gives people a new life. Her dramatic makeovers are so inspiring!

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