Rihanna Sues Her Father For Exploiting Their Name In Business, And The Public Has A Strong Reaction To It

Date January 16, 2019 13:57

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna once revealed she was angry about her dad and said that he was abusing her mom. It turned out that she had a rather harsh childhood, and her path to success was not an easy one.


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With tears in her eyes, Rihanna said she couldn’t separate him as a husband from him as a father and thought he was a bad husband and a bad father, especially after she watched his behavior towards her mother.

Now, Rihanna is suing her father, Ronald Fenty, and his business partner, Moses Joktan Perkins, for exploiting their family name. According to official court documentation, Rihanna accuses her dad and his partner for misrepresenting their company, Fenty Entertainment, stating that it is somehow connected with her.


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Ronald and Moses were trying to solicit millions of dollars, promising third parties that their company can act on Rihanna’s behalf, and that she would perform at different locations.

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People’s reaction is so different: some of them support the singer, writing that nobody has the right to abuse her mom and get rich of her, whilte others claim it’s not a good idea to sue family members.

We hope Rihanna will find the best way to deal with such a hard situation, and her family name will no longer be exploited by others.

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