Royal Family Finally Unveiled Their Christmas Decorations: “Certainly Beats The White House Display!”

Date December 5, 2018

Christmas is nearly here, and it means it is the right time to start decorating the house to make it look festive. Of course, official buildings are also being decorated, and every year millions of people await this big day.

And the day has come! The official Twitter account of The Royal Family has announced that the Christmas trees have already arrived at the Buckingham Palace. In the video, we can see the process of decorating The Marble Hall for the Christmas season.

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Twitter users reacted immediately, praising royal family members for their good taste. They have compared the Buckingham Palace decorations with the ones on display at the White House.

People claim the royal decorations definitely beat the White House display, and assume royal family members could teach Melania Trump how to decorate the house for the festive season.

Just a week earlier, US First Lady Melania Trump decorated the White House halls in the spirit of the patriotic theme 'American Treasures'. Nevertheless, it was highly criticized by many people, who find such decorations tasteless.

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Buckingham Palace looks marvelous, and we are glad that the royal family is ready for Christmas!

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