Matthew McConaughey Was Asked To Confirm Ever Dating Janet Jackson, And His Reaction Is Hysterical

Date January 25, 2019 13:26

Before getting married, Matthew McConaughey was spotted having romantic relations with a lot of beautiful women, including Sandra Bullock, Penelope Cruz, and Ashley Judd. There were also rumors that he dated Janet Jackson.

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But they were only rumors, and nobody knew for sure whether it is a truth or not. And finally, the legendary actor made a comment about it while appearing at the TV show.

Matthew McConaughey appeared at the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen show, and the host asked him to confirm or deny dating Janet Jackson. McConaughey’s reaction was indeed hilarious!

After hearing the question, the actor started giggling and couldn’t stop doing it for several minutes. After some time, he said that they just had a dinner once, and that’s it, nothing more.

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Even though Matthew McConaughey denied having romantic relations with Janet Jackson, fans seem not to believe him. Twitter users write comments, stating that his reaction, especially the giggling part, proved that probably he didn’t describe the real situation with Janet.

While appearing at the at the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen show, Matthew McConaughey finally commented dating rumors with Janet Jackson, but not everybody believes him.

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