People Online Are Freaking Out Over How Unrecognizable Garth Brooks Looks Without His Iconic Hat

Date April 12, 2019 12:52

The popular American singer and songwriter Garth Brooks can rarely be seen without his iconic hat.

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Since his early career, Brooks’ numerous fans were wondering whether he takes his hat off and how does he look like without it.

How does he look without it?

Finally, fans got a chance to see the legendary singer without his iconic hat. He looks like a completely different person, and most likely, he would be left unrecognizable in public without the famous hat.

It is incredible how one simple element can change the whole perception of personality. Do you like the way Garth Brooks looks without a hat?

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People’s reaction

Such unusual snaps of Garth Brooks could not be left without the public’s attention, and Twitter users keep commenting his rare photos without a hat. By the way, a lot of people claim the singer looks much better with a hat than without it. Maybe, they are just not used to his new look?

Nevertheless, it is hard not to agree with the fact that Garth Brooks looks as handsome as always.

Even though Garth Brooks always wears his legendary hat, fans got an opportunity to see him without it, and it seems, not everybody liked such a dramatic change of his style.

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