When It Rains, It Pours: Stefanie Powers Had To Deal With Lung Cancer The Same Month Her Mother Died

Date June 3, 2019

Popular American actress Stefanie Powers, mostly known for playing the role of Jennifer Hart in the mystery series Hart to Hart, had an outstanding career.

Nevertheless, her real life was not as bright and happy.

She had to deal with lots of troubles, and two of the most difficult life events happened at one time.

About lung cancer and her mother's death

Stefanie Powers was diagnosed with alveolar carcinoma, a form of lung cancer, back in 2008. Of course, she was shocked and didn’t know what to do.

Nevertheless, the actress decided to fight her way through it and to undergo all the necessary treatment.

In January 2009, she had a surgery, and a part of her right lung was removed. Unfortunately, it was the exact same month when her mother passed away from pneumonia, at the age of 96. It's hard to imagine how she dealt with it!

The actress decided to write memoirs in order to share her experience with others.

There were two life-changing events that occurred that precipitated the writing of this book. One was the death of my mother with whom I was exceptionally close and who shared a house with me here. The other was my own discovery of lung cancer and the treatment for it.

Stefanie Powers was officially married twice: to Gary Lockwood and Patrick De La Chenais. Nevertheless, she never had children.

The Hart to Hart star had an extremely hard period in life, but she managed to stay strong, and she is now ready to tell her story to others.