William Shatner On How Drastically His Life Changed After A Doctor Said His Death Was Imminent

Date May 13, 2019 11:41

The popular Canadian actor William Shatner, mostly known for his role of Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek franchise, was born back in 1931, and he, indeed, has a secret to longevity.

During one of his previous interviews, the movie star revealed it is never too late to embrace technology and fall in love. He also added the person is never too old to start valuing friends.

How doctor’s words made William Shatner scared

The famous actor opened up about how his life changed after the doctor said he is going to die. It happened in 2016, when William Shatner was misdiagnosed with prostate cancer.

William was devastated that his body betrayed him.

And then I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Me! My regular doctor explained that prostate cancer sometimes is very aggressive and sometimes is so benign you’ll die of something else long before it kills you. Kills me? That couldn’t be happening. To find out which type it was, he took my PSA, a marker for this disease. Until then it had been at one or two, well within safe limits. “It’s ten,” he reported. “That is an aggressive cancer.” Ten! My body had betrayed me.

William Shatner got scared that he has prostate cancer and his life might come to an end at any moment.

William Shatner On How Drastically His Life Changed After A Doctor Said His Death Was Imminent© Boston Legal (2004) / 20th Television

My initial reactions to the diagnosis were, I suppose, quite common: denial, fear, anger — as well as a dose of being insulted.

But after taking one more test the actor found out that he had no cancer, and he is not going to die in the nearest future. But while living with the “death sentence”, William had time to think about life, and he wants to share his thoughts with everybody.

Don't die. That’s it; that’s the secret. Simply keep living and try not to slow down.

By the way, William Shatner suffers from tinnitus, and reportedly has ringing in his ears since the explosion on a Star Trek movie.

William Shatner shared how his life changed after the doctor told he is going to die soon. Now, he is as active and inspired as he was during his youth, and it is simply wonderful!