'Hair Idol' Gets A Transformation: Victoria Beckham’s Daughter Harper Gets Her First Extreme Haircut

Date January 14, 2019

David and Victoria Beckham’s 7-years-old daughter Harper has always been in the center of everybody’s attention, as millions of people admired her unbelievably long and beautiful hair.


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She looked like a little princess and it was impossible to take eyes off her. Actually, it was her father David who saved it, as Victoria has always wanted to make a stylish haircut for Harper. But he literally banned Victoria from Harper’s hair:

About a year ago, my wife said, “Maybe we should cut Harper’s hair.” And I was like, “No! We need to grow it. Do. Not. Touch.” Since she was born, we haven’t cut it. That’s why it’s pretty much down to her knees.

Once, David tried to cut a little bit of Harper's hair.

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But finally Victoria’s dream came true and her daughter Harper underwent a major hair transformation after visiting the widely known hair stylist Luke Hersheson.

Victoria Beckham captured such a big moment and has already uploaded it on Instagram, letting fans observe an incredible transformation. And it seems Harper was also really excited to get a new haircut, as she was smiling throughout the whole video.


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People always loved Harper’s gorgeous hair and claimed she is their hair idol and an example to be followed. Others stated she indeed looks like a Greek goddess and wanted to do everything possible to look just like her.

David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper got her hair cut for the first time and underwent a major hair transformation. And even though Harper Beckham was considered to be a 'hair idol' for millions of fans, we are sure she will still be admired by them, as her new haircut is so sweet!

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