Elvis Alive? Experts Confirm That Voice In The Recordings Taken 4 Years After His Death Belongs To The King Of Rock

Date January 10, 2019 13:32

Elvis Presley, the legendary American singer and actor, died back in 1977 from the heart attack at the age of 42. Even though more than 40 years have passed since the moment the King of Rock and Roll has passed away, millions of his fans still believe it was a mistake and that he might be alive.


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And recently, some new facts appeared that might support this statement. Experts confirmed that voice in the recordings taken 4 years after his death indeed belongs to Elvis.

The American author has released the tape that was supposedly recorded in spring 1981, four years after the death of the King.


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In the audio recording, the man says:

People ask me all the time where I’m living, and naturally I can’t say, but it’s a good place to hide. There was an island that I learned about a long time ago and I guess I always knew, some day, I’d probably have to use it.

After some examinations, the voice recognition expert L.H. Williams confirmed it was indeed Elvis in the recording:

The known voice of Elvis Presley compared with the voice on this tape is the same.


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By the way, there are plenty of other conspiracy theories regarding the death of the King of Rock and Roll. For example, some people claim he might have faked his own death to avoid the mafia. There was also news that Elvis was spotted alive at Graceland back in 2017.

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Nevertheless, nobody knows the truth and it still remains to be a secret. Even though Elvis Presley is officially dead, he will live in the hearts of his fans for many years.

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