'Days Of Our Lives' Star Suzanne Rogers Suffered From A Muscle Disorder And Now, Her Face Is Unrecognizable

Date May 7, 2019

The popular American actress Suzanne Rogers is mostly known for her role of Maggie Horton on the NBC dramatic series Days of Our Lives. By the way, she played this role since 1973.

Suzanne Rogers is the 10th longest-serving soap opera star worldwide, being on the Days of Our Lives for over 40 years.

Rare muscle disorder

Suzanne Rogers suffered from a rare muscle disorder which made her face look so much different. Nevertheless, it took her some time to get the right diagnosis.

At first, all doctors were talking about the high blood pressure, but fortunately, one doctor identified that it was actually myasthenia gravis, and could find adequate treatment.

Of course, it was rather hard for the famous actress to cope with the loss of the physical ability.

I prayed all the time, and all my fans and friends were praying daily for me to get better, to get well, just to live! I mean I literally stayed in my house. I couldn’t answer the phone because I was unable to speak, and people would hang up thinking they had the wrong number. I had this garbly-garb that would come out. I thought I was being pretty understandable, but they couldn’t understand me.

'Days Of Our Lives' Star Suzanne Rogers Suffered From A Muscle Disorder And Now, Her Face Is UnrecognizableGetty Images / Ideal Image

During one of the interviews, Suzanne Rogers talked openly about her neuromuscular illness and how it affected her life. She also explained the way her face changed, and whether there is a cure available in such cases.

It’s a neuromuscular illness that comes from stress. There are a lot of neuromuscular illnesses like Parkinson’s, Lupus and MS, that come from stress. Mine is the lesser of all of them. There is no cure, but I’ve been in remission since 1995. It affected me from my neck up, including my eyes and my mouth and my voice. It really is a hellacious kind of thing as far as trying to get it into remission. You have to go on drugs like Prednisone. Your face blows up and you get a spare tire around your middle. That’s what I had to deal with when I was on the medication from ’84 to ’95. It was tricky but I realized how strong I was. The doctors had said I would never be in front of a camera again.

Doctors said she would never be in front of a camera again because of a muscle disorder. Nevertheless, she returned to the show after treatment

By the way, Suzanne was married just once and doesn't have any children. Fortunately, she has friends who are ready to support her at any moment.


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The Days Of Our Lives star Suzanne Rogers talked openly about her disorder and how it affected her life.