Susan Saint James' Husband And 2 Sons Got Into Plane Crash In 2004, Which Resulted In The Youngest Son’s Death

Date June 6, 2019 12:31

Popular American actress and activist Susan Saint James and television executive Dick Ebersol have been together since 1981.

They met each other while guest-hosting Saturday Night Live and were inseparable ever since. Together, they had three sons: Charles, William, and Edward, who was also called Teddy.

Fatal crash

Unfortunately, one of their sons is not alive anymore. The attempted takeoff in 2004 from Montrose Regional Airport in Colorado turned out to be a fatal one.

Dick Ebersol was on the plane together with two sons, Charles and Teddy. Susan Saint James' husband managed to survive, as well as Charles, but Teddy died along with two crew members. He was only 14 at the moment of the tragic death.

Of course, it was a huge tragedy for the whole family, and they still can’t deal with it. During one of her interviews, Susan Saint James talked about her late son and remembered the time when he was still alive.

Teddy was funny. The youngest one … he's just there, you know? And we had such a big family. We have five children. Teddy was kind of like — Teddy, come on, Teddy. Hurry up, Teddy. Quietly he developed this way of thinking that you would never know about, except the school he went to makes them write an autobiography. And so he wrote this autobiography. At the time … we read it [we] found out things we didn't know about Teddy and how much we all meant to him as a family — one quote said something about, “On the road of life, the only person ahead of the love of your family is God.”

For Charlie, it was a life-changing event, and he will never forget that deadly crash that took the life of his brother.

Rest in peace, Teddy! You will always be remembered by your loving family!