Kid No More! Mary-Kate Olsen Married 17 Years Older Olivier Sarkozy, The Former French President's Half-Brother

Date January 31, 2019 13:30

Mary-Kate Olsen, a popular American fashion designer and a former actress, is not a kid anymore. And she even managed to become the former French President’s relative after marrying 17 years older Olivier Sarkozy.

Kid No More! Mary-Kate Olsen Married 17 Years Older Olivier Sarkozy, The Former French President's Half-BrotherGetty Images / Ideal Image

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Olivier is a half-brother of Nicolas Sarkozy and a French banker, based in the U.S. The couple is not afraid of the big age difference and seem to be really happy together.


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Dating and wedding

Their romance started in 2012, but at that time, there were only rumors about the couple. Even though Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy tried to keep their relations private and did their best to cover faces, paparazzi managed to take photos showing the engagement ring in 2014.


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After three years of dating each other, Mary-Kate and Olivier officially became a husband and a wife during a private wedding ceremony in New York.

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Sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate

Ashley says that sisterhood with Mary-Kate was like being in a marriage and a partnership. Like everyone else, they had ups and downs, and the two did everything together. The twins were especially popular during their childhood years due to their roles in the television sitcom Full House. Besides, they starred together in many other movies and shows.


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Now, Mary-Kate Olsen is not a kid anymore, and she is married to 17 years older Olivier Sarkozy.

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