'Roseanne' Star Tom Arnold And Ashley Groussman Are Getting Divorced. What Happened?

Date January 23, 2019

Tom Arnold was married to Roseanne Barr for 4 years, from 1990 till 1994, and she was Tom’s first wife. They met each other seven years before the wedding, when Roseanne saw his act.

'Roseanne' Star Tom Arnold And Ashley Groussman Are Getting Divorced. What Happened?Getty Images / Ideal Image

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Their relations were from time to time complicated by Tom’s bad habits, including alcohol and drug addiction. During the next ten years, Tom Arnold got married two more times, to Julie Lynn Champnellabut and Shelby Roos, but those relations were also not successful.

Finally, in 2009, he married his fourth wife, Ashley Groussman. Together they were as happy as never before, but unfortunately, their love has reportedly come to an end after nine years of marriage.

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The 59-year-old actor has confirmed he is getting divorced from his wife, Ashley Groussman. In the official statement, he explained the reason for such a hard decision:

For the last couple years we grew apart and have been moving in different directions, which is why at this time we have decided to end our marriage. I told Ashley that it's her life, we had great years together and there doesn't have to be a reason or a bad guy to move on. Go live your life, you owe me nothing.


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Both partners are thankful for so many years spent together, but still decided it would be better for both to live separately.

Tom Arnold and Ashley Groussman have two children together, and will forever stay connected while co-parenting them.


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After almost ten years of marriage, Tom Arnold and Ashley Groussman decided to split and build their future lives separately.

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