So Grown Up! Paula Deen's Daughter-In-Law Shares New Shots Of Her Adorable Triplets On Mother's Day

Date May 13, 2019 13:15

The famous host and the cookbook author, Paula Deen, has previously shared with the public that her son’s triplets were born around four months prematurely.

Claudia Deen found out she is expecting babies back in 2018, and she was extremely excited, as well as Bobby Deen. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was high-risk and the woman had to spend quite a long time at the hospital.

Finally, Claudia gave birth to two girls and a boy, at 26 weeks and 4 days. Triplets were named Olivia Maria, Amelia Ann, and Linton.

New shots of triplets

On her official Instagram account, Claudia posted a new photo of her adorable triplets on the Mother’s Day. She also wrote that children showed her the whole new meaning of life, and she loves them more than anybody else in the world!

Claudia also added that being a mother is the most rewarding job, and she enjoys every moment of it. What an inspiring mom she is!


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Amelia, Linton & Olivia: you have given the word MAMÁ a whole new meaning! Thanks for teaching me something new every single day... I love you with all my heart. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women that have taken on the most rewarding job there is!

Claudia and Bobby Deen, Paula’s younger son, are married for around six years, since 2013. By the way, the ceremony took place at Paula Deen’s house.


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Paula Deen’s daughter-in-law, Claudia, shared a new snap of her triplets on the Mother’s day, and they are indeed so adorable!