Rolonda Watts Says Nobody Knew Her Dad’s Real Skin Color, But She Is Ready To Share The Truth

Date March 13, 2019 10:34

Rolonda Watts, the popular American actress, producer, and motivational speaker, claims she is a real American, but her ethnicity is mixed.

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She claims her childhood was indeed one of the best ones, as she had loving parents, who were ready to support her at any moment.

Rolonda was very close with her loving and devoted father Roland Watts, the chairman of Winston-Salem State University’s Fine Arts Department.

About dad’s skin color

During one of the interviews with the HLN, Rolonda Watts claimed that all people were thinking her father is white, but it’s wrong.

She claimed that Roland is a black man. In fact, their family story is rather confusing, but Rolonda still tried to explain everything in details while appearing at the talk show.

There are people to this day who still think my dad was white. But my dad was a black man. Now, he had a brother who passed as white. And had -- married a white woman, had five white children. And, it was not until he died that they came looking for us, the black side of the family. I have cousins. We share the same grandmother, but they are white people. And, I am black -- And they live as white people. Now, are they passing? Well, maybe, maybe not. Their mother is white. Why cannot they be white? Their dad is black. Why cannot they choose to be black? So, as we mix more in our races.

Personal life

Rolonda Watts is a gorgeous woman and there were rumors about her numerous romances with some high-profile men.

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Rolonda Watts Says Nobody Knew Her Dad’s Real Skin Color, But She Is Ready To Share The TruthGetty Images / Ideal Image

Rolonda Watts also shared some details of her private life, telling that she indeed dated many people’s childhood idol Al B.Sure. Moreover, she claims they still care for each other and keep memories of those wonderful time they spent together.

Watt also added that Al B. is a special man for her, and will remain to be special forever.

During one of the interviews, Rolonda Watts said that people considered her father to be white, but in reality, he is a black man.

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