Burt Reynolds Once Said Marrying Loni Anderson Was A Dumb Move: "It Wasn’t Lollipops And Roses"

Date June 27, 2019

Iconic American actor Burt Reynolds, who rose to stardom after the role in television series Gunsmoke, had a strained public relationship with Loni Anderson, known for the role of the receptionist Jennifer Marlowe on CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati.

Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson were officially married for six years, from1988 till 1994. Their mutual life was characterized by being the most unusual love-hate relationship.

Dumb move?

They were going through a complicated divorce that took many years to complete. Once, Burt Reynolds even said that marrying Loni Anderson was a mistake.

While giving an interview back in 2015, the actor said that the marriage “was a really dumb move on my part.”

I should have known that you don’t marry an actress,” the star said at the time.“ It wasn’t lollipops and roses.

Reynolds described more details about their life in his memoir, called But Enough About Me.

She bought everything in triplicate,  from every day dresses to jewelry to china and linens. 'I never wear a dress after it has been photographed,' she said. 'I have to dress like a star'.


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Loni Anderson has recently paid tribute to late Burt Reynolds in the private service at Howard-Quattlebaum Funeral Home, which was attended by numerous guests.

Burt was a wonderful director and actor. He was a big part of my life for twelve years and Quinton's father for thirty years. We will miss him and his great laugh.

Burt Reynolds Once Said Marrying Loni Anderson Was A Dumb Move: "It Wasn’t Lollipops And Roses"Getty Images / Ideal Image

Burt Reynolds will always be remembered by his family and friends!