Diana's Twin! Pregnant Meghan Markle Copied Princess Diana’s Outfit She Wore 29 Years Ago

Date January 16, 2019 10:55

Princess Diana was always in the center of everybody’s attention and millions of people around the world admired her beauty and a great sense of style. Now, Meghan Markle sometimes tries to copy some of Diana’s outfits.


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Moreover, she was once spotted with the jewelry that once belonged to her mother-in-law. Maybe, she wants to become the second Princess Diana?

Nevertheless, despite Meghan’s ambitions to copy, some people claim she will never come anywhere near Princess Diana, and that she should stop dreaming about taking her role.

But it is worth mentioning that some of Meghan’s outfits look really great. For example, the recent one when she almost copied Diana’s pregnancy outlook. They both look gorgeous wearing purple and red colors.


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Twitter users immediately reacted to such similar outfits, and some of them stated that Diana looked more elegant and stylish. Others wrote they such a combination of colors, as purple and red should never be worn together.

Meghan Markle almost copied Princess Diana’s pregnancy outfit she wore almost 29 years ago. Nevertheless, both women look absolutely beautiful and stylish!

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