Jodie Foster Had Her Sons While In Relations With A Woman. But Who Is Their Real Father?

Date May 20, 2019

Famous American actress and director Jodie Foster partnered her sons with Cydney Bernard, whom she met on the set of Sommersby. They were married for around 11 years, from 1993 till 2008.


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Jodie Foster is proud to be a mother of her amazing boys, Charles 'Charlie' Foster, born in 1998, and Christopher 'Kit' Foster, born in 2001. As we see from their birth dates, both sons were born while Jodie was married to Cydney. But who is their real father?

Jodie Foster sons’ real father

Turned out, Jodie doesn't want to reveal the identity of their father until her sons turn 21. So, nobody knows who their dad is.

Nevertheless, there are some guesses available. For example, during one of her interviews, Reverend Beverly Bates claimed her son, the late Hollywood producer Randy Stone, might be their real father.

She said that Randy has always treated Charles and Christopher as his own children, and she claims it might actually be true.

The two-time Oscar winner’s son Kit is 17 now, and Charles is 20. They are already so grown up and handsome!

Besides being a talented actress, Jodie Foster is also a devoted mother of two amazing sons. Nevertheless, their paternity is still not revealed.