The Queen Once Told Off Prince William On The Buckingham Palace Balcony. Was He Really Guilty?

Date March 8, 2019 14:18

When Princess Diana passed away, the Queen did everything possible to help her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The Duke of Cambridge has mentioned numerous times that she was a strong female influence for him.

The Queen Once Told Off Prince William On The Buckingham Palace Balcony. Was He Really Guilty?Getty Images / Ideal Image

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After losing a mother at such a young age, it was very important for William and his brother Harry to feel someone’s support.

Queen is telling Prince William off

Queen Elizabeth II was spotted demanding the Duke of Cambridge to stand up while he was talking to his son, Prince George.

Prince William didn’t hesitate and decided to follow strict grandmother’s instructions right away. He stood up the next moment and made sure that he follows all the necessary royal protocol instructions.

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According to the source, this unusual case happened back in 2016, while the Queen was celebrating her birthday.

William’s childhood

In childhood, Prince William was told off by Queen as well. It happened when he was playing on quad bikes with his cousins. The Duke of Cambridge remembered this story while giving an interview to Sky News.

Prince William was told off by the Queen several times. Nevertheless, he claims that she has always been his female role model.

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