Did Meghan Markle And Serena Williams’ Friendship Change After The Duchess Of Sussex Became A Royal?

Date July 18, 2018

After marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s life will never be the same. Now, she is a member of the royal family and has to follow the royal protocol and procedures. Of course, it includes changes in lifestyle and habits.

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece has recently warned Meghan Markle about the necessity to say “goodbye” to famous friends. The Duchess of Sussex is a former actress, and she used to spend time with celebrities.


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Princess Marie-Chantal said:

She will have to move away from the world of celebrities, and Hollywood, to quietly join that of other stars: the royal family.


On July 12, it was announced that the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex are going to be present at the Ladies' Singles Final that took place on July 14. This news was published on the official Twitter account of Kensington Palace.


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During the press-conference before Wimbledon, Serena Williams said they have always had a wonderful friendship with Meghan Markle. She added that the Duchess of Sussex has always supported her, and visited Wimbledon every year. And now, Meghan is supporting her in the new role. Nevertheless, their friendship is still exactly the same and they are still there for each other. That means so much for both women!


Despite so many changes in the past couple of months, Meghan Markle still remembers old friends and supports them whenever it is possible. She is such a good friend!

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