Kirstie Alley Says She “Almost Ran Off And Married” Former Co-Star John Travolta: “I Still Love Him”

Date August 31, 2018

Kirstie Alley and John Travolta appeared together in a romantic comedy in 90's – “Look Who’s Talking.” It has become rather successful, and resulted in two sequels: “Look Who's Talking Too” and “Look Who's Talking Now.

© Look Who's Talking (1990) / Tri-Star Pictures

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Now, some details of their relations are known. The 67-years-old Kirstie Alley revealed the depth of her connection with the 64-years-old Travolta, while telling stories about her past romances to fellow “Celebrity Big Brother U.K.” housemates.

© Look Who's Talking (1990) / Tri-Star Pictures

© Look Who's Talking (1990) / Tri-Star Pictures

On the video of “Big Brother UK, Kirstie says:

I think I kissed Travolta. I almost ran off and married John. I did love him, I still love him. If I hadn’t been married I would’ve gone and married him and I would’ve been in an airplane because he has his own plane.

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She fell in love with Travolta on the set of the romantic comedy. Nevertheless, their relations have never gone too far, because Kirstie was married during that period.

John Travolta married Kelly Preston in 1991, and they are still together. They have kids, one of them died in 2009.


Kirstie Alley was married twice, she divorced her second husband in 1997.


They had different paths in life, but Kirstie will never forget the times when they worked together in “Look Who’s Talking.”

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