Say No To Drugs: 1970s Superstar Leif Garret’s Battle With Addiction

Date August 20, 2018 12:28

Leif Garret, the US singer, actor and TV personality, is known for his drug abuse and battle with the addiction. Leif was a famous teen idol in the 1970s. Before, he was a child actor.

By the way, Leif started his professional career at a very young age, while being a 5-year-old kid. He liked it a lot, and it seemed he is indeed happy and has everything needed. Nevertheless, his life was not that easy. Leif’s father was absent for most of his life.


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During his interview with Channel Guide, he said:

Oddly enough with my quote-unquote dad — my sperm donor [laughs] — he feels so badly about missing the years when, you know, you’re so proud to have a son, like from age 12 to manhood, when you help, influence and guide your son’s life. Well, he missed out on all that stuff.


Leif Garret's biggest problem is a drug addiction. He started taking drugs when he was a 14-year-old teen. Back in 1979, a couple of days before turning 18, he crashed his mother's lease Porsche. He took her car to buy some cocaine.

His best friend was paralyzed in the accident. As a result, Leif was under probation for some period of time, and his driving license was suspended.


During his interview with ABC News, Leif revealed some possible reasons for his drug addiction:

I think a part of my drug use was that I didn't want to get older. I wanted to stay that rebellious 18-year-old, just thinking I was Superman or, you know, indestructible. But things catch up to you. Fame is a drug not only to oneself, but to others as well.


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He claimed it was his mother’s fault as well:

My mom didn't understand, you know. It was partially her fault. You don't allow a 14 or a 15-year-old kid to go on the road without parental guidance. The bartenders knew who I was, knew how old I was, but no one said no.


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The battle with drugs is not easy. Leif claims he is struggling to fight his demons. Nevertheless, his goal is the new life without drugs:

Since I have been out of rehab, I have had a cocktail. But I don't go out and get drunk out of my mind. And I haven't gone to use drugs, so...Some people say it is [a slippery slope]. Some people say it's not. I am going to live my life as me.

Many people have noticed Leif’s similarity to Justin Bieber. And Leif even has a special advice for him. During his interview with Fox News, he said:

Do not believe your own publicity. Sussing out who your real friends are is a full-time work. Every scum bag, every drug dealer, every chicken hawk wants a piece of you.

Leif Garret proved to be a real fighter and we hope there will be no drugs in his new life.

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