Dolly Parton And Her 5 Sisters Bring The Christmas Magic To Everyone With Their Enchanting Song

Date December 17, 2018 16:15

Dolly Parton, the famous American country music singer and songwriter, comes from a really big family. There were 12 children in the Parton family, six girls and six boys, one of whom died at an early age. From the childhood years, Dolly Parton and her siblings were spending their days singing together.


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Dolly Parton’s entire family was playing music and singing in Pentecostal church, where their grandfather was a preacher. So, they are used to singing and performing together from early childhood. But once, they united together to create a Christmas mood for millions of people all over the world.


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On the video below, Dolly Parton and her 5 sisters, Willadeene, Cassie, Stella, Frieda, and Rachel, are creating a Christmas mood by singing together. At the beginning of the video, Dolly Parton talks with her parents, Avie & Robert Lee, jokes with sisters and all of them just have fun. After some time, they start singing and it really makes the Christmas comes faster.

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The video is absolutely adorable, as it shows how beautiful and loving Dolly Parton’s family is.


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Even though Dolly Parton doesn’t have her own children, she has a big family who is always ready to support her at any moment. Together they share one passion – singing, and their Christmas song is indeed a symbol of the festive season.

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