Mel B Looks Back To The Encounter With Prince Charles And Couldn't Help But Note His Rudeness: “I Was Totally Enraged”

Date November 27, 2018

As a member of the royal family, Prince Charles is always in the center of everybody’s attention, and literally, every step is watched by millions of people. But despite being a public person, he is not as perfect as it may look.


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The Prince of Wales gets a lot of critics from people, who claim he is rather cold and aloof. Some of them even claim Princess Diana didn’t deserve the man who treated her not the best way.

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Melanie B, the popular English singer and actress, mostly known as a member of the Spice Girls, has revealed some details of her encounter with Prince Charles.


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As reported by the EtOnline, Mel B claims Prince Charles was really rude with her during the Spice World movie premiere back in 1997:

I'd even put Prince Charles in his place when I was sitting a few seats down from him at the Spice World movie premiere in December 1997, when he brought Prince William along. We were all squished into the seats and there were loads of famous people there because we'd persuaded people like Roger Moore, Jools Holland, Stephen Fry and the lovely Richard E Grant to be in the movie with us.


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The Prince of Wales was sitting next to Geri, who was his favorite member of the Spice Girls. Mel B noticed he is having a really good time at the premiere, and decided to have a small talk with Prince Charles. But unfortunately, it was not the best experience for her:

Halfway through, I noticed Charles, who was sitting next to Geri (she was always his [favorite]); he was laughing his head off. I was thrilled. I leaned across and said, 'I'm so happy you're enjoying it.' Charles turned and looked at me, 'I'm a very good actor,' he said. I was totally enraged. 'That's rude,' I said loudly, leaving it to Geri to smooth it all over (her role was always the diplomat). But it was rude and I told him so.


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People who have a chance to meet Prince Charles in person say he is nothing like portrayed by media.

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As reported by the Fox News, Joseph Cicio, the retailer, merchandiser, and consultant to the stars, claims Prince Charles is very generous and sincere:

I was in awe at the little credit this man gets for the hundreds of millions of dollars that he raises and gives to areas in the world. He builds schools, hospitals — and people don’t know that. Any profit that came out of Duchy Original was put into the foundation. He wasn’t banking it. He was giving it away to the world’s needy. He’s very generous and very sincere about his responsibility… And he possesses a sincere concern for the environment and for the world’s poor.

Mel B Looks Back To The Encounter With Prince Charles And Couldn't Help But Note His Rudeness: “I Was Totally Enraged”gettyimages

Mel B’s encounter with the Prince of Wales was negative, and she claims Prince Charles is really rude and cold. Nevertheless, other people have other opinions and say he is open and sincere.

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