People Hate The Way 16-Year-Old Covered The Christian Song ?

People Hate The Way 16-Year-Old Covered The Christian Song “Amazing Grace”: "That Song Was Disturbing!"


December 7, 2018 11:20 By Fabiosa

Christian songs are usually on top of the charts, and people really enjoy listening to such kind of music. The Amazing Grace is one of the favorites, taking into account the number of various versions that appear on the internet.

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Usually, such versions have lots of viewers. For example, more than 61 million people have already watched the music video by Celtic Woman performing the Amazing Grace.

Nevertheless, not all Christian performances get such a positive feedback. For example, the 16-years-old Sarah Grace was highly criticized after singing and playing trumpet on the cover of Amazing Grace at The Voice show.

But why people don’t like her performance so much? They claim Sarah Grace took a risk with the way she sang this song: she performed it with a House of the Rising Sun production element under it. Moreover, she decided to add a trumpet solo to the arrangement.

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People find it disturbing and are totally disappointed in Sarah Grace. Some of them even claimed it would be the last season of The Voice that they watched.

There were a lot of controversial covers and performances on The Voice. Nevertheless, Sarah Grace's performance of the Amazing Grace managed to spark discussions on social media.

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