Celebrities Often Find It Difficult To Stay Sober, But These Stars Are Conquering Their Addiction In An Inspiring Way

Date September 3, 2018 12:03

Ben Affleck, the successful American actor and filmmaker, has received numerous awards for the outstanding acting career, including two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and many others.


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Ben Affleck has been suffering from alcohol addiction for quite a long time. His battle with alcoholism began at a very young age. In fact, his childhood memories contributed a lot, as he often watched how his father, Timothy, battled the same disease.


As reported by People, the addiction experts claim the Hollywood career may be one of the factors preventing him from staying sober.

Carol Liot, the clinical director, said:

We have a lot of high profile clients like Ben Affleck and what we do notice is that their lifestyles are so demanding that I think it makes it difficult to maintain all that.


Moreover, Carol claims that it is much more difficult for celebrities to fight alcohol addiction, as they don’t have any privacy:

Everything they do is sort of public knowledge. If they’re an actor like Ben Affleck, just staying consistent with the aftercare treatment can be very challenging, depending where you are on set and where you are in the world — and kind of the demands of your work schedule.

Ben Affleck has done an incredible job. He managed to fulfill all necessary steps of the program, designed especially for him.


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In his Facebook post, Ben Affleck announced that he has completed the treatment for alcohol addiction. Also, he said he wants his children to know there is no shame in getting help when you need it.

By the way, Ben Affleck is not the only Hollywood celebrity, who suffers from alcohol addiction. There are many other famous people, including David Hasselhoff, Dennis Quaid, Mel Gibson, and others.

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Of course, it may be difficult for celebrities to stay sober. Nevertheless, the most important is to never give up and fight this disease.

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