Matching Outfit: Why Does Kate Middleton Make Sure Princess Charlotte Does This In Public?

Date August 7, 2018 14:00

Prince William And Kate Middleton’s daughter Princess Charlotte, is a very stylish child. Moreover, she follows certain fashion rules while in public. For example, she is wearing the same outfit formula while greeting people: a colorful dress with a Peter Pan collar. Also, she is never fully dressed without a bow in her hair.

The royal girl is always in the Mary Janes shoes, and was even wearing them for the royal wedding. She is such a cute little fashionista!


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There is one thing Kate Middleton makes sure Princess Charlotte does in public. Do you know what it is? They are always wearing the matching outfits.



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Kate Middleton and Prince William were seen wearing the matching outfits together with kids. Sometimes, the color is chosen for a specific official visit. For example, they were wearing red during the visit to Poland, because it is the country’s national color.

Of course, there are some other reasons as well. For example, because it looks beautiful and stylish. Damien Woolnough, 9Style’s editor, says:

When you’re the most photographed family on the planet (sorry Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy) coordinating your look is a great way to preserve the Cambridge family’s brand. Just like the Beckhams, Kate and Will demonstrate that the family that dresses together looks great together.



And adds:

To stop the whole thing from looking too matchy-matchy, the colour choices are just close enough to make a strong impression without being spot on. The real takeaway here is Princess Charlotte’s strong matching shoe and hair bow game. Pixie Curtis has some serious competition.

The royal couple makes sure their children have a good childhood and a normal life. In his interview with BBC, Prince William said:

As far as we're concerned, within our family unit we are a normal family. I love my children the same way any father does and I hope George loves me the same way any son does to his father, so we are very normal in that sense.



Despite being busy with official visits and royal duties, Kate Middleton and Prince William remain good and loving parents.

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