Meghan Markle Is Still Getting Slammed For Her Wimbledon Outfit! Are Her Critics A Little Too Obsessed With Her?

Date July 25, 2018 14:56

Meghan Markle is very likely one of the most criticized royal spouses in recent history. No other female has been as policed for her fashion as this former actress has been.


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Meghan gets it right

Just weeks ago, royal gatekeepers gave the newly minted duchess a pass mark when she showed up in Ireland rocking a power suit very reminiscent of her Rachel Zane character in Suits.

The outfit was one of many she wore during her tour of the region with Prince Harry.

But, days later, she fell from the good graces of royal fans when she made her first public appearance with Kate Middleton at Wimbledon.

Another major flop?

Unlike her very British co-duchess, she wore a lose fitting shirt and trouser ensemble from Ralph Lauren. Middleton opted for a very Wimbledon apt summer dress.


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The pair had come to watch match between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber at the Ladies' Singles Final. But, Markle's style easily became the focus of attention.

She got called out for completely missing the mark with both the outfit and her hairstyle.

Royal gatekeepers

In fact, one particularly creative critic straight up insinuated that Markle had perhaps borrowed her 'pygama looking top' from Prince Philip and hashtagged her tweet #scarecrow.

It would seem that these royal gatekeepers are not going to let up any time soon. Are they justified or do they need to back off?

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