Corrie Antony Cotton Finally Comes Clean About Why He Had A Nasty Attitude While Filming 'Dancing On Ice'

Date July 6, 2018

Fans noticed that Corrie Antony Cotton was unusually grumpy during his brief time on Dancing on Ice. And the Coronation Street actor is finally telling why.


Me and her, hitch-kickin’... @justbrandee @dancingonice

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Coming clean

According to the actor, he had a lot going on in his personal life at the time. However, he was not even thinking about himself.


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Cotton's story has everything to do with helping a friend in need.

The unusual Facebook DM

At the time Dancing on Ice began filming, he got a strange Facebook message from an acquaintance he'd only met socially a few times. The man was reaching out to him for help after losing his home and means of livelihood.

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Cotton says his appearance on the dance show came at a time when he was in the process of working with his homeless friend and a charity, Barnabus.


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In addition to this, he was filming Coronation Street where his character, Sean, was faced with the same predicament. It became a lot to deal with.

He flunked out

The actor flunked out of Dancing on Ice after a tough season in which he sustained a few injuries, including a few fractured ribs.


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He was the 6th contestant to leave the dance show.

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