Michael Douglas Tells The Unappealing Truth About Being A First-Time Grandfather: Here's Why He Is Not Enjoying It

Date July 31, 2018

Michael Douglas became a first-time grandfather late last year after his son Cameron welcomed a child with his girlfriend, Viviane Thibes.


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Proud grandpa

An overjoyed Cameron shared the news on Instagram, and Douglas, who a source had earlier revealed was eager to join the club of Hollywood grandpas, shared pictures on his social media pages.

But, it would seem that both old age and the demands of late fatherhood are cheating the actor out of the fun of being a hands-on granddad.

It's not as fun as he imagined

More than six months down the line, the 73-year-old actor is saying being a grandpa is not as fun when you still have parenting responsibilities.


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While on a press tour promoting his new Netflix original comedy, The Komisky Method, Fox News quotes Douglas as saying, being a grandparent is “not as much as I had hoped because I still got a kid in the house”.

His teenage children

The Ant-man and the Wasp actor was referring to his 15-year-old daughter whom he shares with actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.


In addition to Cameron, 39, from his first marriage, the Hollywood actor has two children. It’s a little too early for him to be running out of steam, yes or no?

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Michael Douglas