Pretentious? Here's What Princess Marie-Chantal Of Greece Said About Meghan Markle's Transition To Duchess

Date July 16, 2018

When Meghan Markle made the choice to marry Prince Harry, her decision made her open to public adoration, criticism, and unsolicited advice.


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Meghan's many advisers

While she has continued to get great help from the royals with making her big transition, she has also gotten pep talks from people who have felt the need to make her see the many things she stands to lose by choosing to be royal.


And she continues to get those, this time from a fellow royal, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece.

What Marie-Chantal thinks

It was recently reported by that the wife of Greece’s Crown Prince wanted Markle to know that her new status as a royal means that she should distance herself from her world of celebrity.

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This comes as a surprise given that Marie-Chantel, 49, is known for being a party girl herself.

She has been photographed by the tabloids in the past getting her groove on.

Is Meghan Markle really ready?

And what does Markle think of this advice?

Obviously in love with Harry, she admitted that she was eager for the change from actress to duchess and ready to use her new platform to work on the causes she was passionate about. What do you think about Marie-Chantel's pep talk?

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Meghan Markle