'Outnumbered' Onscreen Couple Claire Skinner And Hugh Dennis Reveal They've Been Dating For Months

Date July 4, 2018

For the stars of the BBC sitcom Outnumbered Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis, there's no boundary between real life and the movies. They have gone from loving each other onscreen to being in love in real life.

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Things are pretty intense

News of their relationship first became public about a year ago. It was revealed that the pair had been dating for some time following Dennis’ split from his wife in 2015.

Although they had kept things under the radar, friends and family were fully aware that they were an item.

Fairy tale love

Their friends cannot help but gush about their fairy tale love. Word on the streets is that they are very much in love and have managed to build a relationship that’s beautiful.

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Dennis himself confirms this to be true. He told MailOnline, “I’m very, very happy, we are so very happy.” What's more, Skinner has been spending most of her time in his £1.2 million London penthouse flat.

There's life and love after divorce

Like Dennis, Skinner is a divorcee, but she’s also a mom of 2. She and her TV director husband, Charles Palmer, split in 2016.

It’s, of course, beautiful and rare to see their love transition from the screen to real life.

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