Disgraced TV Chef Paula Deen Is Back On Air 5 Years After Her Messy Scandals Ruined Her Career

Date January 23, 2019

5 years ago, the television personality and chef Paula Deen was at the center of a messy racism scandal much bigger than Roseanne Barr's. It cost her everything, but now she's making a comeback. Can she pull it off?


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The return of Paula Deen

The media has been awash with newsthat  the former Food Network star was plotting her return. It was reported that Deen would be hosting a new syndicated show, Positively Paula, which would primarily air on RFD-TV.


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The show, filmed in her Georgia home, has since begun to air and focuses on Deen trying out brave new recipes, including vegan cuisines. But what exactly did Paula Deen do to damage her career, Food Network deals, as well as multiple business partnerships? 

What are her crimes, really?

In 2013, Deen's trouble's started after she admitted in a court deposition to using racially disparaging slurs in reference to black people.


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Among the suits filed against her, Deen was accused of frequently using the N-word.


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Her brother who co-owned a restaurant with her had been inappropriate with female employees. Her son had been photographed in blackface with her. And actual footage existed in which she said her slave-owning ancestor had a hard time dealing with the loss of his 'workers' at the end of the Civil War.


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The food lady who Anthony Bourdain famously could not stand recently turned 71 and is ready to move on. She has not necessarily shown signs of remorse, but she is back to cooking on air.

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