Daddy's Girl No More: Tom Cruise's Daughter, Suri, Suddenly Shares No Trace Of Resemblance To Him

Date April 22, 2019

In all her early toddler photographs, Suri Cruise — the adorable daughter of famous Hollywood divorcees Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes — stole everyone’s hearts.

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Daddy's mini-me

The media was in a frenzy over which of her parents she looked like. And the verdicts were all in Tom Cruise’s favor. Young Suri was inseparable from her father.


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And although they were soon estranged by the messy divorce that rocked the Cruise-Holmes marriage, the father and daughter have not been seen together in public since 2013. It was taken for granted that she would grow into her father’s dead ringer.

Suri's sudden transformation

But recent photos of Suri tell another story altogether. As she grows older, the youngster looks less like Tom Cruise. She’s become every inch her mother’s daughter. The transformation is stunning to say the least.


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The mom and daughter are often seen rocking red carpets together.


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Suri, 12, has blossomed into a beautiful young woman and we can only imagine how her father feels watching her grow up without allegedly being in her life.

The truth about their estrangement

In a recent document obtained by TMZ — a transcript from an old deposition — the actor sued a media company for claiming that he had abandoned Suri after the divorce.


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He admitted to a judge that his religion, Scientology, had been one of the reasons Katie Holmes cited for wanting out of the marriage to protect their daughter.



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This comes after years of Cruise claiming that the divorce had come to him as a complete surprise and left him completely shattered. Still, who else misses photos of Suri and her dad together?

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