9-Year-Old Boy's Overwhelmed Reaction When Meeting The Queen For The First Time Goes Viral

Date December 7, 2018 17:28

9-year-old Nathan Grant has become an internet sensation because of his intriguing reaction to meeting the Queen for the first time.

9-Year-Old Boy's Overwhelmed Reaction When Meeting The Queen For The First Time Goes Viralgettyimages

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How to greet the Queen

Meeting the monarch is considered one of the most important moment for tons of people around the world.


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One needs only to look at Theresa May's curtsy to understand just how important it is to make the right impression.


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According to the official Royal website, greeting the Queen for men simply requires a handshake or bow. And for women, the famous curtsy will do.

Nathan invents a new greeting

But for this little cutie, he got so overwhelmed standing face to face with the monarch that he invented a brand new greeting. Nathan was captured on camera crawling as fast as he could away from the Queen after he was introduced to her.

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She was visiting the UK's oldest children's charity at the Foundling Hospital in London where she had gone to open The Queen Elizabeth II Centre. When the Queen met with pupils of the hospital, Nathan was so overwhelmed by the monarch that he said his goodbyes abruptly.

Twitter users have been reacting to the hilarious moment. One user noted that he would be trying out Nathan's social skill at work in the near future. His shyness is certainly epic.

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