Kelly Ripa's Super Easy Secret To A Healthy Marriage Is Hilarious And Drives Her Children Mad

Date November 22, 2018 15:28

How much PDA should parents engage in while their children are watching and is there a line that should not be crossed? For TV host Kelly Ripa, the answer is simple: she adores her husband.


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22 years and counting

Ripa's 22-year marriage to actor Mark Consuelos is going stronger than ever. She worships everything about her husband, even his annoying bits. And she does not mince words when she talks about how irritating his quirks are.


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For instance, Ripa cannot get over the fact that Mark always forgets to put down the toilet seat, but she says it's okay to fight sometimes because the pet peeves never go away no matter how long you stay married.

Their fun secret

They don't spend their time sweating the small stuff. Ripa and her hunky husband get a kick out of annoying their children with PDA sessions that make their older children go 'Ewww!'


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The couple have 3 children — Michael, 12; Lola, 17; and Joaquin, 15.

If Mark gives me a kiss, they’re like, ‘Ugh!'

Ripa says she does not mind their reaction. She loves her husband and cannot imagine her life without him.


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More than 2 decades later, they still dote on each other like newlyweds.

How much is too much?

If you are wondering where a line should be drawn when it comes to showing PDA in front of the kids, experts say it's okay to keep it PG.


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But parents need to know that children should grow up seeing them in healthy, loving relationships. Therapist Amy Morin says kissing, as long as it isn't sexual, is a big part of child-safe PDA. So, parents, get to kissing!

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