Oprah Winfrey Had A Very Difficult Relationship With Her Mother Before She Passed On

Date November 28, 2018

Oprah Winfrey lost her mom, Vernita Lee, on Thanksgiving Day. Reacting to the outpouring of love she received, the TV legend took to social media to thank her fans.

Oprah Winfrey Had A Very Difficult Relationship With Her Mother Before She Passed Ongettyimages

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Oprah's speaks out

Oprah said her mother had lived a good life and was finally at peace. Prior to her death at 83, Vernita had spoken openly about the pride she felt over her daughter's achievements.

At her home in Wisconsin, she kept several mementos of her daughter. But, in reality, both women shared a rocky relationship for years.

Her problematic relationship with Vernita

The TV icon has been very open about her traumatic childhood and the difficult years she spent being pushed around from home to home.


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She grew up with her grandma in Mississippi, then went to live with her mom at 6, before she was sent off to Tennessee to live with her dad.


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But the most difficult time in her life was spent in the home where her mom worked as a maid.

I remember the first night entering into that house and being told that I wouldn’t be able to sleep with my mother and I wouldn’t be able to sleep inside the house. There was a little foyer/porch before you actually got inside the house. I was put outside to sleep there.

Oprah's real dad

Oprah had a difficult time living with her mother and it affected their relationship. Not much is known about her experience living with her father, but a biographer claimed that her silence may have been calculated to hide a family secret.


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In her book, the unauthorized biography Oprah: A Biography, Kitty Kelley suggested that the Hollywood icon had been passing off the wrong man, Vernon Winfrey, as her father.


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Kelley refused to say who Oprah's real dad was, insisting that it was Vernita's place to tell the truth. Well, it's too late now, isn't it?

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