People Online Had A Hilarious Meltdown Comparing Their Closets To The Size Of Jennifer Lopez's

Date December 5, 2018

She may be Jenny from the block, but the size of her wardrobe can cause a ripple online. Jennifer Lopez showed off the lifestyle a networth of $380 million can get you and it made her fans dizzy!


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She's one of the wealthiest celebrities

The singer and actress is one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world, and it's not surprising given that she has been keeping busy.

At 49, Lopez has constantly reinvented herself. She's still releasing music videos while holding down a lucrative gig as a host on World of Dance. And clearly, she lives by the philosophy 'if you've got it, flaunt it'.

A tour of her gigantic closet

For an episode of Hollywood at Home in 2015, the mom of two let PEOPLE into her luxury home for a tour of her gigantic closet. Lopez showed off that the iconic green Versace gown and a beloved pair of Prada shoes that she's kept since 2003.

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Definitely a thrifty one, the singer shared a few of her favorite pieces that she had not been able to let go off, even if they had become outdated. But the real deal was, by far, her collection of jeans, some of which had featured in a low budget movie she starred in The Boy Next Door.

Hilarious reactions

Jennifer Lopez put on display her pairs of jeans, enough to fill a department store, and fans are amazed at their number and the size of her closet.

As far as Hollywood stars go, hers isn't the most outrageous by far, but people online are comparing it to the size of their own closest and the reactions are hilarious.

People Online Had A Hilarious Meltdown Comparing Their Closets To The Size Of Jennifer Lopez'sPeopleTV / YouTube

One YouTube commenter said: 

Instead of moving into my own house, I'll just move into JLo's closet. She probably won't even notice.

Fans think her closet is the size of a mall. Well, J Lo has got to keep all those stunning outfits somewhere and we love that she's still very down to earth.

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