Double Take! Lionel Richie's Little-Known Model Son Looks Exactly Like His Father, It's Surreal

Date January 11, 2019 13:14

Thanks to the Kardashians, the world knows more than enough about Lionel Richie’s 20-year-old daughter who’s dating Scott Disick, Kourtney’s ex. But, here’s who you really need to know in the Richie family: His incredibly handsome son.


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Meet Miles Richie

Miles Brockman Richie prefers to move in a different Hollywood crowd from his baby sister Sophia, but he is just as famous.


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The hip youngster who loves to post baby photos alongside photos of his family, idol Angelina Jolie, and his many tattoos, was destined to be Hollywood royalty and he’s living it up.

His dad's carbon copy

Miles already had his father’s good looks and charming smile, as baby pictures of him show, but these days he has transformed into a carbon copy of a young Lionel Richie.


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He could totally fool fans into thinking he is the singer traveled back in time.


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Social media is full of Miles Richie appreciation posts by a cult of adoring fans who would give anything to be noticed by him.

Sought-after model

Here's a fun fact: Years ago, in a different reality, a much younger and lovestruck Kylie Jenner convinced him to get her initials tattooed on his arms.


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This is not surprising at all.


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The man looks like a Greek god. Sought-after fashion designers can’t get enough of him strutting his stuff on their runways.

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