Hello, Gorgeous! Robin Williams' Little Girl Zelda Has Transitioned Into A Stunning Hollywood Beauty

Date January 16, 2019

Robin Williams' little girl Zelda is all grown up, looks incredibly gorgeous and is making a name for herself in Hollywood already. Where did the years go?!


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Magical childhood

Fans of the comedy legend remember Zelda as a spunky teenager with a quirky haircut who loved to join her dad on the red carpet.


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Zelda spent her childhood hopping between sets where, as she notes while talking Smashing Interviews that the mermaids were real models in with costumes, not superimposed with a green screen.

All grown up and slaying Hollywood

But her parents were adamant when she suggested that she wanted to become a child actor.


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The late Robin Williams had no problems whatsoever teaching his little girl the ethics of being a great actress, but he did not want her to be a child star.


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Williams died in 2014 in an apparent suicide when Zelda was 25. And since then, she's blossomed into a stunning young woman with some acting credits to her name.


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More than that, she's an advocate for mental health awareness and determined to carry on her dad's legacy through his charity work.

Her dad would be proud

At the 2018 Tribeca TV Festival, her film Shrimp which she'd starred in and directed was screened. On the red carpet, an Associated Press reporter asked what her dad would think if he saw her now.


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The stunning 29-year-old noted that she was an agnostic, but said she was sure he would be proud of her. We think so, too!

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