Against All Odds! Patrick Duffy Overcame Great Difficulties To Be With Carlyn Rosser For Over 40 Years

Date February 7, 2019 17:50

For Patrick Duffy and his wife of over 40 years Carlyn Rosser, age was just a number when it came to love they felt for each other.


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Love at first sight

Duffy was a good ten years younger than his wife, but he did not let this small fact stop him from courting her.


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They met on a tour bus, and he was smitten with the older ballet dancer. She must have felt the spark, too, because they became inseparable immediately.

In fact, they met in February of 1974, and gave birth to their first son, Padraic, that year, with their second Conor born 5 years later.

They remained in love until the very end when she passed on in 2017.

She was still very married when they met

The actor has said that he was so desperate to be with the ballet dancer the moment he saw her that he became a Buddhist.

Against All Odds! Patrick Duffy Overcame Great Difficulties To Be With Carlyn Rosser For Over 40 YearsGetty Images / Ideal Image

Apparently, this was the only way to her heart he could think of, but he soon learned that he loved the religion as much as he loved Carlyn.

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So both stayed in his life, he tells The Independent:

I only converted because I wanted to sleep with her. And now I do it because it's such a part of my life.

There was also the major complication that she was married at the time. Duffy says this was heartbreaking for all three of them, but Carlyn's husband let her go in the end when he saw that he had lost. his wife.

Against all odds

They also had to deal with their age difference being brought up through the years. In an interview, Duffy says he was completely unbothered by it. But it frustrated Carlyn.


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All of that changed as they both aged. It became harder to tell that they had ten years between them in the first place and they lived happily ever after. Carlyn may have passed on, but the actor in his beautiful tribute says they'll be together eternally.

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