Genius Who Became A Millionaire Selling Her Painting At 5 Admits She's Been Getting Divine Help!

Date December 10, 2018 14:16

A child prodigy Akiane Kramarik had already been featured on Oprah for her extraordinary talent as an artist at the age of 10. Now, at 23, she is already a millionaire from selling her paintings and says her talent comes directly from God.

Genius Who Became A Millionaire Selling Her Painting At 5 Admits She's Been Getting Divine Help!asiandelight /

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The truth about child prodigies

Children like Akaine do not come often despite every parent’s secret wish that they have the next Mozart on their hands. Dr. Joanne Ruthsatz, a Psychology Professor at the Ohio State University, tells Popular Science that only about 1 in 5 or 10 million children stand the chance of becoming a child prodigy.

Ruthsatz isn’t out to break the hearts of hopeful parents. She only knows this because she has followed the lives of 30 child prodigies closely for years and understands that it’s a combination of really high IQ's and an autism spectrum level attention to detail.

A different kind of child genius

But Akaine is not known to have any of these markers. She was only 4 when she realized she had a unique talent. She was getting extraordinary visions that she put down on the page in form of paintings.

Her interpretations left people stunned. They were accurate and emotionally precise drawings of people, animals, and abstract ideas.


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One of her most viral painting of Jesus Christ is especially remarkable because she wasn’t even raised in a religious home. Akiane's divine gift has only gotten better with age and made her family very rich.

She says:

I did notice over the years, a maturing. The techniques have become more detailed and more vivid.

How people react to her paintings

When people see her work, they have a visceral reaction. They describe their experience as spiritual.

And Akaine says what she does is paint 'soulscapes'. For 9 years, this self-taught divine artist has done over 100 paintings, and she's not about to stop.

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