Experts Say There's A Special Reason Why Meghan Markle Is Sporting An Unusual New Haircut

Date November 19, 2018 15:27

While no one was watching, Meghan Markle debuted a new haircut, as she's getting ready for motherhood and takes inspiration from Princess Diana. But should she be cutting her hair now?

Experts Say There's A Special Reason Why Meghan Markle Is Sporting An Unusual New Haircutgettyimages

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Age-old superstition

Remember the myth about pregnant women and cutting their hair? Well, most people believe that cutting your hair while pregnant could expose you to some kind of spell or disease.

Experts Say There's A Special Reason Why Meghan Markle Is Sporting An Unusual New Haircuthairg-stockstudio /

The only scientific argument that backs up this claim is the warmth that the human hair provides against the elements. Other than that, during pregnancy, a woman's hair could go through alarming changes thanks to hormonal fluctuations, and cutting it might be the best option.

But do the Royals believe this hair myth?

Apparently, not. Meghan Markle is currently sporting a brand new haircut as she breezes through her second trimester with baby Sussex. During the Day of Remembrance festival, her hair in the front acquired new layers that were missing during her royal tour abroad.


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This subtle change in haircut shows she's taking a leaf right out of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana's playbook.


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According to experts, Diana was known for making small changes to her hair over a long period instead of going for a dramatic switch up. Kate Middleton does the same thing.

Are these baby steps for Meghan?

This is a great trick the royals employ so that they do not distract attention from the work they have at hand.

But after Kate welcomed Louis in April, she debuted a new, shorter haircut during her first post-maternity public function.


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While Kate's reason was probably to make her hair more manageable while she focuses on raising 3 children, there are people who believe Meghan might be gearing towards debuting a new haircut after her baby arrives. What do you think?

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