Explosive Book By The 'Dallas' Actor Larry Hagman's Daughter Exposes His Dark Secrets

Date May 17, 2019

As far as shitty Hollywood stars go, the Dallas actor Larry Hagman tops the list. His reputation for partying often put his family in danger.

And in her memoir, The Eternal Party, his daughter Kristina opens up about the deep secrets he kept from them.


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Open addiction and the battle with cancer

Larry reportedly got introduced to coke by Jack Nicholson who asked him to try it out. From then onwards, it was a downward spiral. He kept on experimenting with psychedelic drugs.


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In 2011, he first revealed his battle with cancer and came close to beating it. But by 2012, he was really sick and died of complications from acute myeloid leukemia later that year.

He exposed his children and lied about his affairs

His co-stars remember him fondly as the life of the party. To the fun-seeking Hollywood crowd, he was a great guy, but his daughter remembers him differently in her memoir.


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Kristina says her father was a serial drunk crackhead who had no issues letting his friends behave weird in the home where he raised his children.


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Larry held parties at home and always boasted about his rock-solid marriage to his loyal wife of 58 years, Maj Axelsson.


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He wanted the world to know that he was very different from his cheating, sleazy Dallas character. But in reality, he repeatedly cheated and invited his lovers over to the house as friends.

Healing after addiction

Kristina says her father didn't care about his children. Larry cared more about his reputation as a fun guy than he cared about getting clean or keeping his children safe.

But abuse is a terrible experience for most people and here's what you can do to help:

1. Work to establish trust with the user.

2. Be honest about the toll the abuse is taking on you.

3. Try to listen to them and be open to facing the reality that you could be contributing to the problem.

In the end, helping an addict kick the habit is a process that might require you to change your lifestyle completely. Be open to change and healing.

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