Hollywood Icon Rock Hudson Took Dangerous Risks To Be With The Man He Truly Loved, Lee Garlington

Date December 27, 2018

The Golden era Hollywood star Rock Hudson was the consummate ladies man. He worked hard to maintain this image, but underneath all that, he was hiding a dark secret.


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Coming out

His loverboy image was the perfect decoy to distract the media from the fact that he was gay. In 1995, he was named one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History. Hudson even went as far as getting married.


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For 3 years, the actor married Phyllis Gates while he continued to lead a double life. And years before his death from AIDS-related complications, in a vulnerable moment, he confessed the truth about his sexuality to Phyllis.

Rare photographs taken by his lover

But at the heights of his powers, he went through great lengths to hide his affairs with men.


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And it’s only now that his lovers have begun to open up about the dangerous risks they took to be with him. The most vocal has been Lee Garlington.


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The handsome stockbroker dated Hudson for an intense but very brief time in the 60s. They could not be public about how they truly felt so they quietly documented their relationship taking pictures of each other.


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Now 81, Garlington is sharing previously unseen photos he’d taken of his lover during very rare private getaways. He tells PEOPLE:

I wish he had been born thirty or forty years later. He’d be more relaxed and at ease and it would have been a happier life. He’d also be elated by how much has changed.

Who did Hudson really love?

Towards the end of his life, Hudson is said to have revealed to two great loves of his life.


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In an exclusive with PEOPLE to mark the anniversary of the actor’s passing, Garlington said the great Hudson had only really loved two people: his mom Katherine Wood and his lover, Lee.

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