Twins Or Triplets? Royal Fans Believe Meghan Markle Just Dropped A Major Clue About Her Baby

Date January 15, 2019

Meghan Markle is 6 months pregnant and due by April, but there could be more to the royal baby than the Duchess is letting on.


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Due date confirmed!

The Duchess made this known to a couple of women in the crowd while she and Prince Harry interacted with locals during their official visit to Birkenhead.

The royals touched a number of local organizations with support and empower groups within the community and ITV correspondent Chris Ship tweeted afterward that Meghan finally made known the details of her due date.

Is Meghan having twins or triplets?

Both Meghan and Harry looked to be in high spirits as they mingled with the crowd and the Duchess dazzled in a purple gown which she paired with a red coat. But something else caught the attention of royal fans with renewed interest: Meghan's bump!

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People online think the earrings she chose to wear days ago is a clear sign that she's expecting more than one baby.

While London Evening Standard journalist Elliot Wagland shared a photo of Meghan cradling her bump, an eager fan commented that the mom-to-be had used her most recent earrings worn to the Smart Works HQ to announce her 'triplets'.


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She isn't alone in her believe! The general consensus is that Meghan is certainly having multiple babies, but the number favored by people online is two.

The royal couple is yet to confirm this or the gender of the unborn child for that matter!

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